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Bodrum reservation
Opening Hours: Everyday between Tuesday -Saturday at 22:00-03.00
Change the color and taste of your life starts today Limoncello Entertainment. The name of the venue insatiable Italian lemon liquor, and the coolness of the summer, a lovely garden has been designed to add fun.

In a spacious garden, the Limoncello lemon trees colorful furnishings, boutique entertainment are embracing the concept. Akaretler opened in Limoncello 's operation has experienced a name Mehmet Davran. 22:00 Dinner at venue which opened its doors at midnight to 03:00, offering you the chance to live a different experience. The relaxing, relax and have fun and socializing in the garden, you will find the comfort of your home.

Limoncello made ​​from specially prepared for the fresh fruit cocktails, while appealing to your taste, Turkish music is a broad range of music your ears will be amazed by weight. Hidden on a level playing field that gives a sense Limoncelo, at private parties are easy.

Facilitate digestion, and you have a fun day to feed a shot'a Are you? Limoncello that time to expect you...
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